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I started this blog because I love Amber Riley , Samcedes so much it hurts and I felt the need to support my fellow samcedians and angels...Otherwise I am from Paris in France and I travel a lot, I am 27 and I teach foreign languages in high schools and restore furniture for a living so my blog is also open to good designs and appealing images...and cats.

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Rileystreet Fanfiction …after Coachella …

Ok last one and then I stop lol enjoy…

Monday morning 6:00 am.

Amber was waking up to the sound of Coldplay in her bed when she heard someone at the door . 3 knocks , one pause , one knock , one pause 5 knocks . Yes , it was him using their special knockings. This one meant “It’s me , don’t get up, I’ve got the key.

She heard the door open and close and a ruffle in the kitchen.10 minutes later a tall silhouette appeared in her bedroom and climbed on her bed . On top of the covers. That had always been the rule.

Ever since he had become one of Amber’s best friend , Chord had always been allowed to have a key and use her house like it was his own. That new relationship of his didn’t get him out of the habit as nothing could change how comfortable they were with each other.

“Morning” he said laying down on his side to face her. “Morning” she answered. Amber had already thought about a couple of snappy clever comments to tell him how hurt she felt about his girlfriend but looking into his eyes was completely disarming , and she didn’t know where to start.

“Let’s start from the beginning shall we” Chord went first . “When I arrived in Hollywood I didn’t really know how to begin .I had good looks and some average talent. I got a head-start thanks to my family relations of course but nothing to make me stand out you know…”

She opened her mouth to object but he put his index finger in front of it to stop her .

“Yes , I know you think I’m super talented but let’s be honest, at my level, so are a hell lot of other handsome guys…Anyway, after a few small gigs I found myself stuck so my agent and manager had an idea. Since I am what people call, a hot piece of ass,”

He smirked and it made her laugh. “Well my agents decided that I could become the boyfriend of someone famous. That’s how they introduced me to Rumour Willis , and that’s how they introduced me to Emma. They are the starlettes who can share a bit of their family fame on me and I’m the rising star hot boyfriend that makes them look good. It didn’t work with Rumour but it did with Emma … for a while. I really thought we had something until she did what she did…anyway , about a month ago her agents contacted me again to try to get us back together , apparently cute couples are a great PR thing. Celebrities get bigger when they are a couple that people like to idealise. For example Bieber and Selena , Miley and the Australian guy. They said I get 4 times more exposure in magazines when I’m with her .And she has a great family name with the work networking that comes with it. But I swear I don’t feel anything for her anymore , I know who she really is. We’re just acting…and I’m sorry if you thought for one second that it was real. Do you understand?”

Amber was in a state of chock. How can these things exist ? Was it real life ? Was she still asleep? She quickly closed her eyes and opened them again .Yes , he was still there staring at her , waiting for her reaction. Amber gathered herself and answered : “I understand that she would resort to that but not that you would”.

He frowned “ Amber , I am not like you , you’ve got everything , you’re the best singer ever , talent is pouring out of you. Please understand , the season is nearly finished and I want to stay in this business. It’s not for ever Amber. Please understand, you’re my best friend.”

He looked at her with his eyes wide opened and she thought to herself that his agents must have really worked on him to get him to adhere to the idea. But it was her Chord and she had to understand , so she nodded and said : “Ok I understand , although I think you could make a name of yourself with your actual talent and not only your looks or who you date…anyways…”

she took a deep breath…

“So there’s nothing between you and me then”.

He smiled at her question and kissed her forehead . “Amber , the way I feel for you …I’ve never felt that way for anyone. You’re my ray of sunshine and yes I’m talking beyond platonic feelings and I’m sure you’ve noticed.”

He started playing with her hair. “I love to be with you , to make you laugh, to make out with you… and I would love to be able to do it whenever I feel like it, like now for example…” Without thinking about it , Amber reached at his neck and pulled him into a sweet passionate kiss.

And that kiss was all the explanation they needed. Their tongues twirled together with the promise of care for each other the way they needed to. They were both holding on each other’s faces when the need for air broke the kiss, looking deep into each other’s eyes.

“But what about Emma ?” . This question seemed to bring him back to reality. “ I promised I wouldn’t get involved with anyone else in public while we are pretending to be back together “ He brushed the hair on her forehead. “But in private, we can do what we want…Amber I really want to be with you”.

“ I don’t like to lie Chord”.

“I know and I’m sorry I’m asking you too…”

“Ok we’ll try” She said with a smile.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I am”

“Are you my real secret girlfriend?”

“I sure am!”

He was beaming , he took her face in his hands and kissed her softly. Their foreheads were touching and their eyes were closed.

“Chord ?”

“Yes ma darlin’ ”

“I need to get ready for work”

“I know”. After one last hug , they both got up and she went to the shower and got ready .When she appeared in the kitchen , Chord had prepared breakfast and was having a coffee. She sat at the breakfast bar next to him. He handed her a croissant and kissed her hand when she grabbed it.

“Thank you , by the way , for the flowers and for the basket, it was sweet.”

“You’re welcome. Have you used those spa things yet?”.

“No , not yet, why?”

“Well I was thinking , as we are officially secretly dating and everything, and the fact that I’m great at massages , maybe I could come to yours tomorrow night…” He was blushing furiously and it made her burst out laughing .

“Oh my god Chord , I’m making you blu…Oh my god !Are coming on to me? !!! You want to have sex with me !!!!Oh my god this is priceless !!!HAHAHAHA!!! You wanted to lurr me into a massage and have your sneaky little ways with me !!!!”

He laughed with her but felt so nervous at the same time “Please stop laughing at me you cheeky girlfriend” He tried shutting her up with his hand on her mouth .

“HAHAHAHA!!! STOP IT !How were you going to do it?!! Tell me you have something hard and long for me ! Oh my god this is unreal ! I thought I’d be the first to try to get you under the covers of my bed!!! CHORD STOP IT!!!”

He picked her up and laid her down on the sofa to tickle her. “FINE!YOU’RE RIGHT! YES ! YES ! MS RILEY I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU !!!!! I DO I DO I DO AND I REGRET NOTHING!!!” She managed to grab his neck and pull him on top of her into a very long sexual kiss.

“How about now, secret boyfriend?” Her hand were all up under his shirt.

“It pains me to say no but we have to go to work…At least we get to be a couple all day”

“You’re right , thanks Samcedes”.

They got up and made their way to the studio…

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